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When I run the above statement with & "/images/carlosguadian.tk" on my local machine it works fine but when I install the application on another machine it says it cannot find the file and there is a lot of extra path information some. I just need the directory of where the app is running. I am coding in carlosguadian.tk with Visual Studio Thanks! The following example uses the ApplicationPath property to programmatically construct a path to a resource that is in a fixed location in the application. The page that references the resource does not have to be located in the same directory as the resource. The code snippet in this article demonstrates how to use Application class static properties to get Windows Forms application startup path, executable path and user data path using carlosguadian.tk

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A Developer. An Eweek. Thread Starter Let me in. Posts 2, VB. NET - Correct method for app. Good work!!! Path to strip the filename from the path VB Code: Return System. GetDirectory System.

StartupPath also seems to do the job. I don't know if it makes a big difference, but all these methods seem to work fine. NET to C conversion tips!!

Posts 2, Agreed. It seems like people make this harder than what it is. StartupPath works perfectly for me also. CurrentDirectory that also works smoothly. I think that currentDirectory can change while your app is running rate my posts if application path vb.net help ya! StreamReader "test. Close your second method won't always work if I'm not mistaken because current directory can change plus CurDir is a VB compatibility thing, better not to use it rate my posts if they help ya! Use application.

I use GetSetting app. It is the mark of an instructed mind application path vb.net rest satisfied with the degree of precision which the nature of the subject admits, and not to seek exactness when application path vb.net an approximation of the truth is possible. Traduction to VB is simple. Assert line is optional.

StartupPath Property Gets the path for the executable file that started the applicationnot including the executable name. So, this only works if your library is in the same application path. To application path vb.net coupling a library with a particular application file, I do not recommand to use it in a dll.

This doesn't work if the application is an ActiveX server being called by a client such as Excel. Then it returns the path to the client application instead. Net wont know where it is unless it's told passed in manually where it is.

Net app and thus has nothing to do with this vb. If it wasn't a. Net app I wouldn't be able to call the. Net function Application. Anyway I found the other common reply: Code: System. GetDirectoryName System. This is an interesting thread, not least because of all the effort put in so far that still doesn't answer my particular question.

I am writing a VB. NET web application in visual studio I want to execute an external program to perform a function for the user, so I need to put the executable somewhere that is independent of its installation machine and accessible by my code. It would seem to make sense to put it in the same place as the EXE and DLL files containing the web application, but I don't know how to access it after that.

Many of the answers given in this thread and other places so far don't seem to fit my environment. If I type "My. Application for anything. Likewise, if I type "Application.

DLL at runtime, application path vb.net that's not it either. Is this one right? If I use that, can I somehow package my little executable with my web application and run it from that directory? And if the answer to that is yes, is there some magic to putting that executable in that directory? It is extraordinary that it takes this much effort to find this out. Application, but Intellisense in Visual Studio doesn't recognize it?

It looks like that dll is your program yea? I don't have a clue about web applications, application path vb.net, but however application path vb.net got WebApplication2. Originally Posted by rcook It is extraordinary that it takes this much effort to find this out. It may need a reference to be added. Type in the my. WebApp's don't have access to the local system like Application path vb.net apps do.

This is why you don't have an Application. StartupPath, because if you did, it's the location on the web server, not the person's local machine who's viewing your site in their web browser. When you're developing the webapp AppDomain. BaseDirectory returns the path to the project on your local computer because your computer is the web server, application path vb.net, all be it a fake one, but one nonetheless. Once you upload the site to the web server, you're going to get the root path of where it is on the file system of the server.

How you would go about doing this is beyond me as I've never made an activex browser control before. My R: drive is mapped to a folder a few levels above that folder. It's just different. Here's a code that I think finds the network location of a local drive letter.

I've wondered from time to time how windows knows a mapped drive vs a local drive, I've just never looked into it. I really was hoping there was a. I have found that they have "forgotten" to include several things in.

This will definitely work for now. Thank you all very much, application path vb.net. NET VB. Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation.

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Last edited by techyspecy; May 12th, at PM. Reply With Quote. You Rule! Dim i As Integer, application path vb.net. Dim strAppPath As String. Length - 1. Do Until strAppPath. Substring 0, i. Return strAppPath. You should use System. VB Code:.

Return System.


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Apr 18,  · Hi all, I know carlosguadian.tk does not support carlosguadian.tk, so i found this bit of code: Public Function App_Path() As String Return carlosguadian.tkrectory() End Function its instructions say copy and Unlike carlosguadian.tk in vb6, this . The path for the executable file that started the application. This path will be different depending on whether the Windows Forms application is deployed using ClickOnce. ClickOnce applications are stored in a per-user application cache in the C:\Documents and Settings\username directory. In Visual Basic 6 you could use carlosguadian.tk to see where your application's executable resides.. In carlosguadian.tk you need to use the Application object and its ExecutablePath property to get the path for the executable file that started the application, including the executable name. Dim aPath As String = carlosguadian.tkablePath().